Long dresses for the summer of 2019

In summer, you always want to dress in something as short and light as possible, but fashion designers strongly recommend to give up this idea for a while and pay attention to the elongated styles of summer dresses. It is the models with a skirt to the floor will be particularly relevant in the summer of next year and this fact should be adopted now.

The extended dress is not at all a fashionable innovation created by modern designers, because such models were popular a few years ago, not to mention decades. But, nevertheless, the designers could not help but show imagination and creative vision when creating new dresses for the summer and did everything to please even the most capricious fair sex.

What are the features of the current elongated models and why modern women of fashion should choose them to create a summer look?

Special features

The main advantage of a maxi dress is that it makes the young lady held back sexy. This is not a provocative mini, which is very easy to overdo and expose yourself in an unprofitable defiant and vulgar light, but just that style that allows you to emphasize femininity in all its glory.

In addition, the dress in the floor perfectly hides any flaws in the female silhouette, whether it is crooked legs, too rounded belly, ugly hips, or excessive thinness. This style is ideal for a very young person or a young lady in the prime of life, and for a woman of very solid age. The only thing with which you can not guess is with the cut of the dress, but the tips from this article will help to avoid any problems.

To suit

  • The first thing you should pay attention to when selecting “your” maxi is the features of the figure:
    Elegant and petite girls are better off choosing slim models of flowing cut dresses. It should be borne in mind that the pattern and decorative elements should be harmoniously combined in size with growth.
  • For girls with curvaceous forms, it is better to refuse baggy and shapeless models and, contrary to stereotypes, choose a slightly fitted style or a straight cut model with a flared hem. A dress with a small, high waist and belt will fit perfectly, but it is worth remembering that a large pattern visually increases the volume. Dress with a V – neckline will help emphasize the beauty of the lush bosom.
  • Light and luminous dresses in the style of pareo are ideal for a beach and everyday look, but it is better to choose such girls with proportional shape parameters.
  • Thin straps or halter dresses are ideal for the summer season, but they are suitable only for young ladies with miniature shoulders and beautiful hands.
  • Girls in position are better to choose dresses with a trapezoidal cut, as well as styles with a high waist.