Long dresses for short girls

My headache is height 160, for beautiful proportions the legs lack 15-20 cm. I like long dresses, but with my figure, I have to think and measure 1000 times to understand what fits and visually lengthens the legs, rather than shortens
At the request of a girlfriend with the same growth, I share with all a selection of ideas for maxi dresses for short girls:

In general, the overall style is clear – in my opinion, the silhouette of a maxi dress is more or less lengthened by a more or less uniform color;
with a non-flattering, not fluffy and not contrasting finish;
with a fairly non-volumetric, almost tight-fitting skirt;
with small narrow sleeves and neat hangers – or in the manner of T-shirts, or 3/4;
without the transverse lines of the bodice and the boat neckline (there are three exceptions in the selection, by the way;);
at 10cm high waistline (here you can go down to the Empire style – but I’ve applied it in plenty for 35 years, in my opinion, the belt under your chest just screams, tearing: “look, know everything, we want to hide short legs :)). In addition, a strong “Empire” kills the waist, you become like a box with legs – so why hide your advantages by yourself …)

And the uniformity of the dress to me personally seems to be the main requirement for an elegant long maxi dress for my height. Although properly distributed decor or contrasting colors help to further stretch the figure.