Chiffon Long Dresses

Dresses from chiffon are an embodiment of feminity and a weightless charm in clothes. In this outfit, every girl turns into a fragile, tender, graceful young lady. Chiffon clothes are loved by women all over the world and never lose their relevance.

What is chiffon fabric?

Homeland chiffon is considered to be China. In the Middle Kingdom, lightweight material, which is created when weaving the finest fibers with a mesh, was made from silk. The gentle translucent fabric was not cheap, and only wealthy people could afford expensive clothes. The tender matter reached Europe only by the 18th century, and the charming chiffon dress instantly became one of the most favorite attires of noble people.

Light garments came to the wardrobes of poor women in the first half of the 20th century – after the invention of nylon. Artificial fiber has significantly reduced the cost of fabric production, and thus reduce the prices of clothing.

From silk fabric sew wedding and elegant evening ensembles. It is very thin, delicate, but not cheap and capricious in operation, therefore it is rarely used in everyday models. Cotton or viscose patterns are the perfect fabric for summer dresses. It is well breathable, so dresses and sundresses are comfortable in the heat, and the elegance of textiles makes the ensembles romantic and light – just what you need in the summer.


Long chiffon dress – the standard of romance, femininity, and grace. Depending on the cut and decor, models on the floor can be both evening and every day. To stay in trend, this summer you can wear pleated, layered and free-flowing ensembles.



Dresses to the knee or mid-calf endure the peak of popularity. The length of the midi is universal: it is suitable for women with different stature and will be appropriate both at a cocktail party and during shopping with girlfriends. Numerous versions of colors, prints, cut skirts, and bodice makes each product unique and gives it its own character: modest and restrained, romantic, flirty, seductive.