Dresses for tall girls: features of choosing the right model

In the world of model art, tall is considered the standard of beauty. However, in life, too tall girls often face some difficulties when choosing clothes. It is especially difficult to choose dresses for tall girls, because this wardrobe thing is mainly created for universal height, and it looks a bit disproportionately on the model type of figure.

However, this problem is easily fixed, you just need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of stylists and figure out which dresses are best for tall girls.

What dresses are suitable for tall girls

Looking through the collections of fashion brands, it may seem that absolutely all dresses are suitable for tall girls. However, in reality, everything turns out to be somewhat different, and the choice of the most feminine detail of a wardrobe depends largely on the nuances of the figure.

As a rule, girls with tall stature differ slim figure. If slimness does not cross the border of excessive thinness, the choice of dresses is almost limitless. Girls with this type of shape fit models of almost any length and style.

It is much harder to find dresses for tall and thin girls. Such dresses should simultaneously perform several tasks: firstly, to emphasize the slimness of the silhouette, and, secondly, to give the figure the necessary female roundness, while not visually adding height. These tasks are perfectly handled by long dresses in the floor, midi-length dresses, as well as sheath dresses with a free cut.

Long dress and body features

When choosing which dresses are suitable for tall girls, you also need to take into account body features. If the upper torso is longer than the lower, it is better to opt for models with a high waist, which will smooth out the imbalances of the figure and give the silhouette the necessary shapes. At the same time, it is desirable that some emphasis be present at the waist level: wide belt, drape, folds of fabric, etc.

Long dresses for full and tall girls

Choosing dresses for full and tall girls, look at the laconic knee-length models. This type of figure looks great for loose case dresses for full ones, dresses with a trapezoid hem and A-line dresses. Also, full and tall girls fit long dresses to the floor, but the hem of such a dress should not be lush, otherwise the silhouette will become more cumbersome.

Long dresses and women’s tricks

Often tall girls are worried about the lack of a pronounced waist and desired female roundness. Add to the silhouette of femininity will help dresses with all sorts of drapery. For example, perfectly denote the waist of the dress, the upper part of which is made by the type of corset. And to make the hips more rounded help models of dresses with a lush multi-tiered hem. Dresses are also excellent at this task, the bottom of which is decorated with all kinds of flounces, ruffles, ruffles, etc.