Elegant evening dresses

A long dress is an integral part of an evening dress. This season’s evening gowns combine the features of old Hollywood and modern chic. Models meet even the pickiest taste. To replace the little black dress come long dresses of a wide variety of colors.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, then bright pink, yellow and blue dresses are made just for you.

On the contrary, your restraint and femininity will emphasize muted tones: beige, light gray, light pink, etc.

The same variety distinguishes the style of evening dresses. It may seem to someone that a long skirt is too conservative and boring. But this is a misconception. Modern evening long dresses are a real work of art. The decorative decoration of rhinestones and sequins, lace and embroidery create an incredibly feminine image that will appeal to any girl. Particularly noteworthy cutouts dresses. Especially popular are the models in the Greek style, that is, with one strap on the shoulder.

Long dresses with cleavage

But models with an open neckline are found on the runways less and less. But this does not mean that such dresses do not deserve your attention this year. On the contrary, the designers tried to make this “timeless” model more modern by adding glitter and embroidery along the edges of the neckline.

No narrow models, evening long dresses of this season are characterized by ease and grace. Skirt-fish or flared from the waist is now at the peak of popularity. Light natural fabrics give the dress a special chic. Additional layers of lace or silk give the impression of lightness and airiness. Do not forget that the shiny and catchy inserts are an integral part of the evening long dresses this year.

Long dresses and bracelets

Since many models of dresses do not allow you to wear a necklace or pendant, choose a large bracelet and earrings. In general, large decorations are very popular and are an ideal option for evening events. Evening long dresses suggest an emphasis on one detail of your image. Of course, this detail is a dress. Stylists recommend in this case, choose a rather modest, but elegant styling. A bunch at the top or bottom, horsetail or spit – any option would be appropriate for the gala evening.