Long dresses and femininity

Does what kind of clothes a woman has on her energy, destiny, inner spirit? Is it important that she wears a pair of pants, a miniskirt or a long dress? Recently, they have been talking more and more about it: it turns out that women in maxi-skirts like men much more, they are more successful in their personal life, calmer, more confident and healthier. How is this explained? There is a whole range of reasons why women should wear long dresses and skirts.

Take for a start the first counterweight – skirts and pants. The man in the pants man subconsciously perceives as a person of the same sex as him. He does not have the desire to help, care for the lady, take care of her and give gifts – rather, to compete in career achievements.

Long dresses and energy

If we talk about the energy side of the issue, from time immemorial it is believed that a man draws strength from the sky, and a woman – from the earth. Therefore, the mother woman wears a long skirt – a dome-shaped form helps her gather and accumulate energy.

A Long dress or pants?

Another disadvantage of the pants: they squeeze and tighten the most important area of the female body associated with the continuation of the race – the hips and abdomen. Because of this, blood circulation is disturbed, the urine-genital sphere suffers. A special enemy of women are low-rise pants – they open the lower back, so young girls often catch cold kidneys and appendages. Self-esteem also suffers: even the owner of a small tummy and the sides feel fat, because, due to the characteristics of the cut, “fat” rolls over the belt. But a well-made dress, on the contrary, makes a slim and feminine even a plump figure.

Women who refuse pants, over time notice that wearing jeans, feel discomfort – everywhere presses and presses. In addition, a woman in a skirt acquires the royalty of movement. She can no longer run and jump like a teenager – the skirt will not allow it. Changing gait and with it the sense of self.

A long dress or short skirt?

With trousers figured out – what about short skirts? They are also unwanted guests in the wardrobe of a real woman. The fact that they are elementary cold, everyone already knows. What else they did not please the fair sex? The fact is that in our subconscious since childhood the image of a princess is printed – a girl in a long dress. He is very firmly rooted in the brains of men – so when he saw a girl in a maxi skirt, the guy subconsciously endows her with the properties of a princess. Naturally, she has more chances to create a good and strong family than that of a young lady in a short skirt.

Men love the riddle, they are not interested when everything is bare and open – and first of all, it concerns the legs. The lower part of the body for centuries hid from prying eyes behind a wide hem because it is most vulnerable to damage. The energy of lust, “sticking” to bare legs, destroys the energy of a woman, making her weak, unable to create an aura of a strong family.

In addition, the arsenal of beautiful clothes for a girl who loves to wear skirts is much wider than for an admirer of jeans. She has a wardrobe and bright summer sundresses in the floor, giving playfulness, and long evening dresses, creating an aristocratic look, and warm woolen skirts, warming in winter is much better than any trousers. And most importantly – their owner feels really feminine. Therefore, real men are drawn to her, ready to become reliable support for their companion.