I don’t even understand the feelings I feel when I see a woman wearing a maxi dress

The opinion of some men about long dresses

In our world there are different types of both women and men! And as it turned out, not all men like women in long dresses. Some men do not like women wearing long dresses. They think it’s disgusting!
In this article you will get to know the opinion of some men about long dresses.

“It’s like a reverse type of lust, some type of strange randy power being drawn back right into my soul with industrial vacuum cleaner toughness. I dislike it. I despise it because I do not intend to be this person that provides a damn regarding what a female picks to break in the world. I mean, who the hell am I to make any kind of sort of style judgment on anybody? I clothe like a drunk homeless person who was locked in an Old Navy store overnight. (I likewise actually love crazy ladies, yet that’s another message.).

I’m component frat boy/part Duck Dynasty/part Matthew McConaughy’s fat close friend at the beach. My style is relatively terrible, really, and so I know I have no right whatsoever to really feel such a deep as well as a bitter grade of frustration whenever I see a woman in a maxi outfit. However, I do and I need to share these sensations since the maxi outfit epidemic remains to spread out throughout the USA with Ebola-style contagiousness as if it were a substantial joke that individuals took seriously.


A bit of context for my rant: I really love to look at women who dress stylishly. For example, I like women who love fashionable clothes (not expensive clothes), just things that look like they offer crap. I guess it’s attractive when a woman can use clothes that emphasize the virtues of her figure, be it her eyes, her ass, her knees, whatever. And I also like it when a woman realizes that she looks great in these clothes. How much of a lady is beautiful and sexy when they wear a horizontal striped funeral dress from neck to toe? It seems neurotic. This is an anti-marker, deconstructor of even the most ancient traditional fashion in the world. As if someone somewhere had said: “Hey, let’s take something like a wonderful, exotic sari, and also suck every ounce of sharp happiness out of this damn thing.”

I just don’t get it

Now I know that crowds of girls are ready to strangle me saying that they do not need to constantly “dress sexually”, that I have to “go to hell” because maxi dresses are beautiful and convenience prevails. I can’t argue with that. I also like comfort. Who does not want to constantly feel as relaxed and carefree in comfortable and comfortable clothes?
But at the same time, comfort should have its own visible limitations, right?

I’m not trying to advertise my love for comfort by wearing church clothes when I go to the supermarket. But I also do not understand, is it not possible to feel comfortable in any sexual clothes? Is it necessary to wear a long dress for comfort?

And then you just look away

What I’m trying to say to all of you girls is that I absolutely realize that this is YOUR body and YOUR life, and you can wear what you want. But even so, a long dress is almost the same what to see parking under a slack tarpaulin.
You look at it, scratch your head and ask yourself: “Hmmm, I ask what is there?”.

And then you just look away.

This is just an opinion.

This is just the opinion of one of the men. Each of us has the right to our opinion.
And what do you think about women in long dresses?