Long summer dresses

Long summer dresses, how to choose your ideal option?
How many people post daily on social networks their declarations of love for summer. They are waiting for him, but when it comes, they do not want to let go. And in many ways the reason for this is clothing. Summer is the time when heavy down jackets and warm claws cast away, and light dresses come to the fore. And not necessarily short. Long summer dresses from weightless, breathable fabrics like girls around the world. But there are a few points that need to be clarified.

Who is suitable for long summer dresses

Long summer dresses go to all girls. The main thing to take into account their individual characteristics. If you are tall (from 175 cm), then you better wear such dresses with shoes without heels. The most suitable option is sandals. If, on the contrary, it is not tall (below 160 cm), then you need sandals with heels or wedges, otherwise, the maxi dress will pull you to the floor. Girls with medium height can vary the shoes in their images.

As for the specifics of the figure

  • Girls with wide shoulders, but narrow pelvis – try to pick a dress with a loose flared skirt and a simple top, open shoulders – not the most suitable solution for you, as the top becomes visually wider.
  • Girls with wide hips – you need to achieve balance through the addition of volume in the upper body. You can help volume sleeves, active prints, decor attracts attention. The skirt can be flared or slightly fitted.
  • Girls with a boyish figure or a “rectangle” figure must underline their waist with a belt.
  • Ladies with the figure of “apple” – choose dresses with a high waist and sleeves. Well, the hourglass is open all the way.

How to choose a long summer dress

First of all, you need to understand what colors are right for you. And here you should not be guided by the fact that summer is a time of bright colors, which means you can wear any juicy color that you want. Not everyone will go fuchsia or lemon. Therefore, it is very important to know your color type and understand what colors will suit you. And then you can see if they are included in the list of fashion colors of the season. If yes, then good. And if not, then you should not turn into a victim of fashion, make a choice in favor of what really decorates.

We offer a little help on color types. In general, if you still have problems with the definition, then contact a professional image-making stylist:

  • Spring type
    Spring girls are shades: peach, coral, salmon, all variations of green and beige. Black and deep blue are best avoided.
  • Summer type
    The colors of the girl-summer: gray-blue, smoky, gray-blue, cherry, burgundy, lilac, pink. Be wary of aggressive orange and yellow flowers.
  • Autumn type
    Your colors: gold, shades of orange and red, brown, olive and khaki.
  • Winter type
    Your summer dress can be: white, black, hot pink, lilac, gray, dark brown, green, dark blue.
  • Summer dresses are often filled with a riot of prints. Here we recommend referring to the reviews of fashion trends. Thus, the spring-summer 2019 season is attacked by flowers, mostly large and colorful.