Stylish styles of long dresses

Stylish styles of long dresses: evening for prom and casual summer
For millennia, women wore long dresses, ranging from ancient civilizations to the London aristocracy of the 19th century. But the years went on, fashion changed, changing the length of the dresses, making it shorter and shorter … In the 60s, girls and women switched to a mini style. About the long dress to the floor forgot. Then came the era of trousers and jeans. They are comfortable, comfortable, but still, they depersonalize the female gender.

The image of a businesswoman gave up her primacy to the image of a woman-mother, as new priorities appeared in modern society. And there was a triumphant return of the dress! Long dresses have been very popular for more than 5 years.

Long dresses in 2019 can be classified by style

Winter version – closed dress with long sleeves, with a cut-boat. The favorite is a long knit dress, but it is suitable only for slim ladies.
At the peak of fashion comes the offer – long dresses with a deep narrow neckline, reaching to the waist.
As an option – the dress in front is short, the back is long.
Long dresses with different draping, folds, unusual cut.
The most fashionable dress should have a high slit that turns even a modest dress with a long sleeve into a stylish thing.
Beautiful long dresses from lace fabric – for special occasions. A black or blue dress on the floor visually pulls out the silhouette and is suitable not only for slimmers.

Summer dress in the floor in 2019 should have an A-shape, which is suitable for both very thin and magnificent girls and women. An interesting proposal – a dress with a skirt year. Preference is given to natural fabrics – cotton or chiffon.
White long wedding dresses are preferred by almost all brides.
A separate theme is long prom dresses. And not necessarily this dress should be white, you can sew it out of a fabric of a bright shade or make it pastel.

Fashionable colors of a long dress

  • White or blue dress in the floor – the hit of the season. Shades – from sapphire to indigo.
  • Muted red hues.
  • Classic black and white gamma.
  • Green, yellow, the color of a dusty rose.
  • Print – cell, stroke, flowers, and geometry.